~What do Sheri’s clients say about her?

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~ Check out what my clients who have closed transactions with me have to say ~

My pride and happiness comes from truly helping people! It makes my day when I see a survey returned with not only a rating of a “10” but also with nice words about the service provided! I have taken a handful of the surveys completed that included comments and attached here. 



review 1

FHA 203k Purchase – Closed October, 2017

review 2

HomeStyle Purchase – Closed October, 2017

review 4

HomeStyle Purchase – Closed July, 2017

review 5

FHA 203k Refinance – Closed May, 2017

review 6

Investment Refinance, Closed May 2017

review 8

FHA 203k Purchase – Closed, May 2017

review 7

FHA 203k Purchase – Closed April 2017

review 9

HomeStyle Refinance – Closed, March 2017

review 10

FHA 203k Refinance, Closed March 2017

review 11

FHA 203k Purchase, Closed November 2016